Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie Dating: What Does Lionel Richie Think Of The Relationship?

The relationship between Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie is still new, but could they have already met members of each other's families? While Richie has yet to confirm anything, it looks like her father, musician Lionel Richie has definitely been told about the relationship.

So what does the “Hello” singer think of Bieber? In an interview with TMZ while leaving a juice bar with Sofia, Lionel teased his daughter a little bit before saying that he has been given strict directions not to speak about Bieber and the relationship. When asked if he approves of the relationship, Lionel tried to ditch the question before saying yes. The singer was also asked if a collaboration between him and Bieber is in the cards, and Lionel said that he's open to the idea.

Bieber and Sofia have not been seen together in public lately. The last time they were photographed together was during their vacation in Mexico, and it didn't look like something they wished were documented. Photos of the two during a heated, intimate moment surfaced earlier, according to the Daily Mail. The photos went around on Twitter and spawned the hashtag “justinsextapeleakedparty.”

The release of the photos, which were taken without Bieber and Sofia's consent, comes a few days after the “What Do You Mean” singer deactivated his Instagram account in order to keep his privacy. Prior to closing his account, Bieber warned fans that he will make the social media page private if they will continue to say bad things about his new lady love.

Prior to the deletion, Bieber's ex, Selena Gomez, reportedly told the “Sorry” singer that he shouldn't be mad at his fans. Gomez also said that he should not be posting photos of his girlfriend if he didn't like the attention. After another exchange with the singer, including him calling her an attention-seeker, Gomez took to Snapchat to apologize for what she said.

Justin Bieber, pictured onstage during the 2016 Billboard Music Awards, and rumored girlfriend Sofia Richie were photographed while sharing an intimate moment during their vacation in Mexico. Photo: Getty Images/Kevin Winter

Monday, 29 June 2015

Christina Milian: Boyfriend Lil Wayne Is So Sweet With My Daughter Violet, 5

Much love Lil Wayne! # 1 priority Christina Milian's daughter Violet, 5, but as the singer tells Us Weekly, watching her little girl with boyfriend link Lil Wayne is very special, too. "They know and recognize each other - it is a very important part of my life and Violet is a very important part of my relationship," Milian, 33, told us at the 16th NALIP Latino Media Awards on Saturday June 27 in Los Angeles.

A year in their relationship, Milian - sparking rumors of dating when performed with Wayne, 32, at the American Music Awards 2014 - says it is taking it easy when it comes to Violeta union with man mom. "She is very close to his father, so that Violet has her father in her life, she has us in his life, so in time [that will develop a closer link]. It will take some time" The Christina Milian Until turned reality star, said Milian separated from the father of Violet, rapper The-Dream, three months after their wedding in December 2009.

Working hard on a new EP and the opening of its We are Pop Culture clothing store, Milian has his hands full this summer, but is enjoying having time alone with Violet and Wayne. "I'm very busy right now, but I have to live for the moment and go on vacation later," he told us. "Our time together is like a holiday, no matter what."

In just five years, Violet also has a summer schedule full. "What is not?" Mom asked when asked about the landmarks of his daughter. "She is learning to swim and full of character. She just surprised me every day."

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Lurker Told Cops Wayne Invited Me To His Crib

The plot thickens in fright last week in Miami Beach mansion Lil Wayne ... the guy lurking around the house Wayne told cops he was there at the invitation of Wayne, but Wayne was not even there.

Broke the story ... cops were called at 3am on Saturday after a suspect was seen hanging around the place. A witness told that someone gave police permission to come to the property of Wayne and inside the house but found nothing unusual.

We are told that the police then saw the guy out and he grilled. Lil Wayne said had given him permission to enter, but when the police told him that Wayne was not there the kind of collapsed history.

It's a tense time for Wayne, who is locked in a battle with his mentor Birdman and cash.

At the end ... the prowler had done nothing wrong. He did not enter the property so there was no crime. The man went and police called it a day.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lil Wayne Sues Cash Money For $51 Million

The rapper also hopes to end contract with label and requests joint right to everything published by Young Money

Lil Wayne performed in Mountain View, California on September 16, 2014. The rapper is suing Cash Money Records for $ 51 million.
Lil Wayne is suing Cash Money hoping to end their contract with the label, according to TMZ. The lawsuit alleges that the CEO Bryan "Birdman" Williams and company have retained a substantial amount of money owed regarding still unreleased new album by rapper, Tha Carter V. Because the label didn paid the money they claim is owed, Wayne claims to be able to leave cash.

In addition to the breakup of his contract, Lil Wayne is seeking $ 51 million and has asked a judge to declare the joint ownership of copyright in everything published on his label Cash Money, Young Money, including recordings Drake and Nicki Minaj.

Last month, the rapper spoke publicly against Cash Money, Twitter, "Want out of this label" and calling himself a prisoner. Tha Carter V was originally due out in May, but a December was delayed; not out and the website of Cash Money still advertised as "very soon". At the time of the tweets from Weezy, his manager, Cortez Bryant, that the rapper had no intention of leaving the label.

Last week, Lil Wayne reached a new mixtape, Sorry 4 Wait 2. He preceded freedom with a song, "Shit (Remix)" which contained the song: "My time at Cash Money, time served and placed in freedom / but this agent is not free, word, that's the word on these streets.”Another track, "CoCo", found compared with Scarface. "Cash is an army, I am an army of one man / and if them niggas comin 'for me, I'll be like Tony / Now I do not want any trouble, I just want my money." The compilation is available for download via DatPiff.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Nicki Minaj Is Praying For Lil Wayne And Birdman To Resolve Their Problems

Nothing is destroying the family apart.

Each family has to deal with difficult issues sometimes and it seems the Cash Money crew hit particularly hard patch. Lil Wayne recently announced, through a series of tweets, he wanted off the label, adding that he was detained "prisoner" by Birdman.

It is unclear what has happened internally since, but Nicki Minaj is making it clear that she still supports both Wayne and Birdman.

"We are well. Love conquers all. I do know that, whatever happens, we are a family," he said during an interview with DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 on Saturday. "There are always best friends and sociable sociable, but are a family and we love each other underneath it all."

Nicki went on to add that his bosses probably be able to figure things out, in due time.

"I know Wayne and Baby love, and I know that going to solve anything that needs to be solved," he said. "I'm Young Money I ride with Wayne in what is -. That's what I am but baby has played a big role in my mental stability.".

"I do not know if people know, [but] baby will call you and text every day, just to make you feel good," he continued. "Make you feel inspired. Once called me like, 'Yo Barbie, I'm seeing his posters for MYX all Miami Barbie, Barbie do your thing. I respect that." This is baby on my phone tells me to respect my decision business ".

"With Wayne will have a very different relationship with Wayne, so cute relationship," he continued. "I love them. I'm praying that everything works as it always does with family matters. There is simply nothing malicious, this is no hatred. It's different."

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lil Wayne Delays And Splits Final Carter Album InTo Two Volumes

The rapper has too many songs to fit on Tha Carter V, explaining: "If I dropped the album that today would be [cut] like 12 or 13 songs I refuse to deceive my fans."
US hip-hop artist Lil Wayne.    

Too many songs ... US hip hop artist Lil Wayne. Photo: Steve Mitchell C / EPA

Last album of Lil Wayne Carter has been delayed and divided into two volumes. Announcing that Tha Carter V would not be released as previously promised October 28, explains the problem is that it has too many songs.

"I know that the album would be today ... but we had to push the puck back due to a problem," Wayne said in a YouTube "public service announcement". "I have too many songs recorded and worked on it too much, too, to give you all only half of it."

At the moment, Tha Carter V is at least 31 songs long. "If I dropped the album that today would be [cut] like 12 or 13 songs," said Wayne. "And I refuse to do it. I refuse to deceive my fans. I refuse to deceive myself."

Instead, the fifth volume of the Carter series itself is divided into two volumes. The first part is due on December 9; its first single, Gotti, fell yesterday. "Stay tuned for the next part," he said. "It's going to be crazy ... You'll love it. Because I fucking love it and if not cursed love, then you do not love love".

Tha Carter V originally due in 2013, two years after the previous volume. "I personally plan on this being my final solo album and definitely Carter's latest album," declared the following year - although "25-35000000 [dollars] would get to do another solo album after this." Since then, Wayne often complained of excess material. "Will O Tha Carter songs or 93 V is going to have to figure this out," he said in June.

Latest release of important Wayne, Tha Carter IV, reached # 8 on the UK charts. The 32-year-old has sold over 15 million albums in the US and recently appeared on hit singles Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Drake Wins Rap Battle Against Lil Wayne In Dallas

It is difficult to make Lil Wayne look even a little laid back, but a high flight Drake managed to do Sunday night at Gexa Energy Pavilion.

Drake Lil Wayne vs The tour has become audience participation to a higher level, with a call to "tap the app" that allows fans to choose their favorite rapper. The concept of the title fight is all more heavy programs should emulate. Energy is never delayed; successes did not stop; sets rather than traded blows; and although it was all in fun, the fans had a rooting interest.

Advantage, Lil Wayne. Tunechi was tapped to go first, and he came out swinging with the rock-tinged "Blunt Blowin '." And, as they say, the crowd went crazy, and started loudly.

The sound stage was minimally dressed cool;
it had to be to deal with the noise, the kind usually only heard on Saturday in a stadium big football school. (Usually shows are illegible rap and heavy with bass, with the public able to catch a word or two and just tell the hook by the change in the music.)

Drake, which could well be called the captain. Hook, made good use of it, too. That is how he shot over the crowd on a zip-line-like contraption and expressed amazement at the amount of people were present, and variety.

This group, comes in from top to bottom, was a mixture of old and young, with everything from khakis and boat shoes scammers jerseys body dressed in club wear. And for the young, 5 years old, was seen a couple of rows.

Commercial places and verses throughout the series, Drake Lil Wayne deferred to as "my boss ... the reason I'm on stage." But not for long. Drake's music is full of parts incorporated singalong, and obliged fans when cracked "Over." And I remained, especially during the part of Trey Songz series with Drake singing "Hold On, come Home."

Lil Wayne had something to sing that ". Anything you can do I can do better" Then he came to the microphone to speak-sing their way through "How to Love."

They saved the big stage - fireworks, flames and light shows - for when they were together on stage, a chord change with the power of the stars of the moment.

Let's go to the tale of the tape.

Avatar Lil Wayne, 1 point: The screens played a motion comic with subtitles and voiceover as "Destiny has forced them into direct contact!" Avatar Wayne had fangs, for the win.

Humility Drake, 1 point: Always concerned Wayne as his mentor or boss. Each faux insult came with a smile, to the delight of many screaming female fans who never sat even on the grass.

Rappers also traded jabs. "I've been doing this since I was in a wheelchair," Lil Wayne joked about the role of Drake in Degrassi: The Next Generation. "There is a huge difference between hits and classics." Then later, Drake said Wayne "Make It Rain" was "vintage" and "available only on vinyl." A point each.

Wayne is usually a blunt object, while Drake is a precision tool. The two played with it a bit, probably gaining fans who were firmly in the camp of the other. But what led to some odd songs by Lil Wayne omissions - no "Fireman", not "La La" - that would be guaranteed party starters in anything resembling a genuine battle rap.

Wayne Drake played the game. So it meant the decision was an enchanted Drake ... this time.

Because in such a big stage, eventually everyone wins.