Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Lil Wayne Delays And Splits Final Carter Album InTo Two Volumes

The rapper has too many songs to fit on Tha Carter V, explaining: "If I dropped the album that today would be [cut] like 12 or 13 songs I refuse to deceive my fans."
US hip-hop artist Lil Wayne.    

Too many songs ... US hip hop artist Lil Wayne. Photo: Steve Mitchell C / EPA

Last album of Lil Wayne Carter has been delayed and divided into two volumes. Announcing that Tha Carter V would not be released as previously promised October 28, explains the problem is that it has too many songs.

"I know that the album would be today ... but we had to push the puck back due to a problem," Wayne said in a YouTube "public service announcement". "I have too many songs recorded and worked on it too much, too, to give you all only half of it."

At the moment, Tha Carter V is at least 31 songs long. "If I dropped the album that today would be [cut] like 12 or 13 songs," said Wayne. "And I refuse to do it. I refuse to deceive my fans. I refuse to deceive myself."

Instead, the fifth volume of the Carter series itself is divided into two volumes. The first part is due on December 9; its first single, Gotti, fell yesterday. "Stay tuned for the next part," he said. "It's going to be crazy ... You'll love it. Because I fucking love it and if not cursed love, then you do not love love".

Tha Carter V originally due in 2013, two years after the previous volume. "I personally plan on this being my final solo album and definitely Carter's latest album," declared the following year - although "25-35000000 [dollars] would get to do another solo album after this." Since then, Wayne often complained of excess material. "Will O Tha Carter songs or 93 V is going to have to figure this out," he said in June.

Latest release of important Wayne, Tha Carter IV, reached # 8 on the UK charts. The 32-year-old has sold over 15 million albums in the US and recently appeared on hit singles Busta Rhymes, Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Drake Wins Rap Battle Against Lil Wayne In Dallas

It is difficult to make Lil Wayne look even a little laid back, but a high flight Drake managed to do Sunday night at Gexa Energy Pavilion.

Drake Lil Wayne vs The tour has become audience participation to a higher level, with a call to "tap the app" that allows fans to choose their favorite rapper. The concept of the title fight is all more heavy programs should emulate. Energy is never delayed; successes did not stop; sets rather than traded blows; and although it was all in fun, the fans had a rooting interest.

Advantage, Lil Wayne. Tunechi was tapped to go first, and he came out swinging with the rock-tinged "Blunt Blowin '." And, as they say, the crowd went crazy, and started loudly.

The sound stage was minimally dressed cool;
it had to be to deal with the noise, the kind usually only heard on Saturday in a stadium big football school. (Usually shows are illegible rap and heavy with bass, with the public able to catch a word or two and just tell the hook by the change in the music.)

Drake, which could well be called the captain. Hook, made good use of it, too. That is how he shot over the crowd on a zip-line-like contraption and expressed amazement at the amount of people were present, and variety.

This group, comes in from top to bottom, was a mixture of old and young, with everything from khakis and boat shoes scammers jerseys body dressed in club wear. And for the young, 5 years old, was seen a couple of rows.

Commercial places and verses throughout the series, Drake Lil Wayne deferred to as "my boss ... the reason I'm on stage." But not for long. Drake's music is full of parts incorporated singalong, and obliged fans when cracked "Over." And I remained, especially during the part of Trey Songz series with Drake singing "Hold On, come Home."

Lil Wayne had something to sing that ". Anything you can do I can do better" Then he came to the microphone to speak-sing their way through "How to Love."

They saved the big stage - fireworks, flames and light shows - for when they were together on stage, a chord change with the power of the stars of the moment.

Let's go to the tale of the tape.

Avatar Lil Wayne, 1 point: The screens played a motion comic with subtitles and voiceover as "Destiny has forced them into direct contact!" Avatar Wayne had fangs, for the win.

Humility Drake, 1 point: Always concerned Wayne as his mentor or boss. Each faux insult came with a smile, to the delight of many screaming female fans who never sat even on the grass.

Rappers also traded jabs. "I've been doing this since I was in a wheelchair," Lil Wayne joked about the role of Drake in Degrassi: The Next Generation. "There is a huge difference between hits and classics." Then later, Drake said Wayne "Make It Rain" was "vintage" and "available only on vinyl." A point each.

Wayne is usually a blunt object, while Drake is a precision tool. The two played with it a bit, probably gaining fans who were firmly in the camp of the other. But what led to some odd songs by Lil Wayne omissions - no "Fireman", not "La La" - that would be guaranteed party starters in anything resembling a genuine battle rap.

Wayne Drake played the game. So it meant the decision was an enchanted Drake ... this time.

Because in such a big stage, eventually everyone wins.

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Lil Wayne Renews His Claim To Greatness

When Lil Wayne used to say that he was the best rapper alive, did not really matter if he was serious. It was as the title comes with a championship belt. It was as the title was even real.

At best, it is a fleeting show of respect; at worst, the debate end of a nerd rap. There is never a consensus. For every Biggie, Pac exists. For every Jay Z, Nas. For every Wu-Tang, A Tribe Called Quest.

But every time Wayne said he was forcing himself into the conversation, no matter who was having it. Whether he was parachuted into the songs with Kelly Rowland and Enrique Igelsias or putting on gloves with Outkast or Jay Z, did you consider your worth. And then he took himself out of the conversation completely.

Think about it: When was the last time you said that Wayne was the best rapper alive? It feels like a lifetime ago.

Since then, a revolving door of characters seized the attention span of pop-rap, Kendrick Lamar and 2 Chainz. If you were not the best - it's hard to find someone who does not swear "Good Kid in Lamar, Maad City" was a contemporary "Illmatic" - they were the most active. 2 Chainz basically spent years filling his absurdly comic verse where Wayne used to be.

And then there's Drake. One of the reasons Wayne faded into the background was allowed Drake to get to the forefront. The vas youngest star, signed with Wayne Young Money label, might otherwise be unable to get out of the shadow of his benefactor.

Actually, he never joined. Long before Drake continued his scorched-earth career, Wayne made it seem as if the idea of rapping made him yawn. Not even two months after "Tha Carter 3" sold a million copies in the first day, fell Wayne mixtape track, "Dedication 3" and then essentially said he was taking a vacation. In "Magic," a throwaway song on a mixtape throwaway, hit him, "I do not even have to rhyme / I just made a hundred [expletive] million."

And that explains almost everything he did thereafter: the strange rock albums dives, skateboarding, the arbitrary but entertaining beefs with NBA players.

The rap was not his main concern most. Now there were two different Waynes: the one before "Tha Carter 3," and the one after.

It felt weird. Usually, the person wearing the yellow jacket rap she renounces it out of boredom. They SPAZZ out at award shows and then go underground, like Kanye. They make a debut album that hijacks the attention of all, and then not agree with him, as 50 Cent. They get their lead singles taken for Jay Z album as Jeezy. They get caught buying guns in parking lots of strip malls, as TI die in their prime, like Biggie and Tupac. But simply rarely get bored.

During a long stretch after "Tha Carter 3," Wayne sounded like he had before. After nearly two decades, four albums "Carter" five tapes of "Dedication" and three tapes "drought", one could argue that actually had.

Meanwhile, the last world blurred. Upstarts like 2 Chainz and Young Thug Wayne took pieces of aesthetic and ran with it. Kanye redeemed himself with virtually flawless "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", petitioning Wayne "Best Rapper Alive" messianic heights. Rick Ross became a legendary Miami drug lord, a team of subordinates who helped her master both the streets and the radio.

And Drake was accumulating platinum and becoming entirely too pervasive. You cannot deny his influence on the genre; Kanye, Jay, and even Wayne admitted. Two months ago, Drake released "O 100 / The Catch Up" for free on the Internet, and you could hear his deference to Wayne die.

"They say that the shoe is always consistent, no matter which foot is in / these days, I feel I'm squeezin 'in' em / the wearing 'em before was not thinking big enough."

But in the last year, has begun to look as if someone moved smelling salts in front of Wayne's face. He tweeted apologies to the fans. It is lined in a fifth installment "Carter", scheduled for October 18 and is co-headlining a tour-themed battle with Drake (which stops at Boston on Monday), with little seed of truth in professed rivalry make the trick work.

Above all, as springing "Dedication 5" out of nowhere to fans last summer, Wayne sounds genuinely interested in rapping again. A series of mixtapes initially thought to show the dedication that would climb the rungs of the ladder one by one rap was re: "This is dedicated to all those who forgot."

Quietly, Wayne had turned back into a conversation he walked away from years ago.

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lil Wayne Enlists Drake For First Single Off 'Final' Solo Album

Nicki Minaj advertises for their upcoming single slides into its own new track, “yasss Bish!”

Lil Wayne got a jump on the weekend for the release of the first single from his upcoming Tha Carter V late on Friday night. Just days after Kobe Bryant promoted the album artwork on Twitter; it seems that the season has begun Carter V indeed.

The rap on a hypnotic synth line with production by Boi- 1da and Vinylz, Lil Wayne joined on the track by his young collaborator Drake Money, which opens with a note of appreciation for “the man who put me in this shit.”

Tha Carter V will go on sale sometime in May (possibly fifth), and Lil Wayne has said will be his final solo album.

Fellow Young Money Nicki Minaj also dropped a new track late on Friday night , tweeting one SoundCloud link to their new track " yasss Bish ! " just after midnight. With an attendance of Soulja Boy and mysterious bell jingle, Minaj has the opportunity to slip into a small announcement of a new single:” 

Dropping my only two weeks / The album pink print of a film “(she also throws in a reference to Clippers owner Donald Sterling, and uses an image of Orange is Tiffany “Pennsatucky " Doggett New Black for illustrations of the track. )

Monday, 21 April 2014


Here is everything you need to know about the latest album called Weezy

Friends of Lil Wayne s are not kept secret that Tha Carter V is on the way. During a concert in New Orleans in February, Drake told the crowd that Wayne would be decreasing their new album on May 5.

That date, as MTV reported, is probably not set in stone, but in an interview with News Fuse at SXSW, Young Money President Mack Maine confirmed that Wayne is preparing to release a new album. “Carter V is very soon," he said. “Wayne will be very soon.”

The Singles

While Drake said Tha Carter V is scheduled for next month, there is still no single or even a hint as to who might be involved with the upcoming title track. But if there's one thing we can reasonably guess is there will be a guest rapper or singer on the hook.

Dating from 2010 debut album I Am Not a rap Human Ser- Wayne after his unfortunate foray into - only rock Wayne December 2 singles have been all alone. Four of the five singles from Tha Carter IV and all four singles that I am not a Human Being II were collaborations.

So who could appear on the first single Carter V? Teams would be obvious Drake, 2 Chainz and Future, all of whom have worked extensively with Wayne in recent years. Or maybe be young thug whose “Stoner " is currently one of the most successful rap songs and has been strongly linked with Cash Money as his star has risen.

The choice of field left most would Miley Cyrus, who has become a muse of sorts for rappers and was called out by Mack Maine memorable in the Young Money hit “Bedrock.”


In February, the site Rap -Up posted what they said was an exclusive tracklist Tha Carter V. filtering Guests on the album were supposed Drake , Future , Kanye West , Nas , The Weeknd , Meek Mill, Rich Homie Quan , Young Thug , J. Cole , Bun B, Game and Birdman . Cash Money executives said on Twitter that the song list was a fake, but you can bet on a handful of these artists end up in the real version .

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lil Wayne: I'm No Longer The Best Rapper Alive

Weezy breaks his new position in rap during CRWN interview with Elliott Wilson.

Lil Wayne’s thoughts on being the “Best Rapper Alive" has changed since the proclamation made in 2005.

The YMCMB boss still believes in the power of his talent and has the record sales to back it up , but these days his focus is directed towards the cultivation of the acts on the roster , said during an edition of SXSW interview CRWN the journalist Elliott Wilson series last Friday ( March 17).

When asked directly why he stopped singing his own praises Weezy replied, “Because I'm awesome, plain and simple artists 'm not trying to outshine everyone. . .”

2005 is when he launched his YMCMB imprint under the umbrella of his record company, cash, and since the signing of the likes of Drake and Nicki Minaj. “Then," he continued,” I do not have that [amazing artist to consider]," he said. “So when I say so, I was like ' I do not care who was on the microphone.” Now I have artists that I feel like,' I want you to be better than me. ' "

YMCMB has the highest priority, reiterated. “I want everyone to feel like they are the best at what they do. It's like I said, it is not now, and it’s about them. Was about us. "

Drizzy and Minaj have been sold collectively over 10 million albums in just a handful of years. Gambling two unknown artists worth, however, Wayne was not worried about the return. He was attracted by Drizzy due to two main reasons, he said.

“His talent, obviously, that's what I want. Not to mention that is a wonderful person, but this is music, this is what we do. All the other things that come with other things, but as you can see I did not care about things like that. I'm just an artist. Just want to enjoy my music and nothing else. Did not I hope you enjoy my lifestyle? Did not I hope you can enjoy what I do off the mic stage or outside. "

By signing Minaj, Wayne stated that he did not feel attracted to her because he was a rapper . " Nicki was being , that's what I found ," recalled the native of New Orleans. "That was without the glitz and glamor When I first heard the two and the first four bars , it was not ' She better than any rapper rapping ; ' . Rap better than her previous rappers. " .

Weezy said even reach Kendrick Lamar , whom he called a rap "beast." "I'm not about to jump in here to talk about ' I'm the best . " I do not need anyone coming to my neck , "he promised .

Elsewhere in the interview, Drake said Lamar and do not really have any real meat and let out another gem from a " Triple OG " in the game . "I know what I've done ," he said . "I know what I did , I know I can do ... and they do it well. "

Wayne 's next album , Tha Carter V , will be his last solo , he said . The LP that will be released on May 5.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Lil Wayne Promises To Release New Single Next Week

Lil Wayne officially began its deployment in Tha Carter V.


During his interview at SXSW CRWN, Wayne talked about the new single he worked on. The self-proclaimed Best Rapper Alive promises his only CV will arrive in a week, and he allowed his manager Cortez Bryant to choose which one is best. Since he's been in the game since his teens, he is very concerned that the only way for the greatest extent of their LP. Instead, he let his team decided.

This announcement comes in the wake of Wayne says it will only make another album 25-30 million. But even considering their last album, the Young Money general is focused on providing a classic.

 Lil Wayne Tha Carter V ' will be his last solo album

 Lil Wayne plans to " Tha Carter V ", his latest solo album . Photo: Getty Images

AUSTIN, Texas - Lil Wayne said during an appearance at the South By Southwest plans to " Tha Carter V ", his latest solo album and the first single from the LP is still in progress in the next week.

New Orleans rapper made the comments during a long interview with Elliott Wilson, under the CRWN series Friday at the annual music conference and festival.

“I approached it like it is my last project, and I think that is why it is very different from everything else," said Wayne. “So I think the routine is different. I work harder. I get closer to a very different set. I approach as if you have no future. "

" Tha Carter V" is one of the most anticipated albums of the year.”
Tha Carter IV" has sold nearly 1 million copies in the first week of its release in 2011.

Wayne, 31, said he took his time with this album, trying to diversify their questions after Wilson joked that most of his songs focus on one thing: sex.

"What do you think I mean? In the world," he said, drawing laughter from the audience.

Wayne said he once wanted to be known as the best rapper in the world, but its position has softened with age and perspective. Kendrick Lamar said: " I'm not nobody touch this guy.”
And he praised the artists on his label Young Money. He called Drake “a wonderful person” and said Nicki Minaj is not only the best rapper out there but the best rapper.

"I 'm not going to jump around here to speak: “I am the best, "says Wayne “I do not need anyone to jump on my neck. ".
Wayne also said his prison diary filled with notes he took during his stay at Riker Island in New York on charges of firearms became a book. He also joked about using the recent tour of his friend Kanye West masks, talked about the importance of family in his life and his love of sports and skateboarding.

Asked about his legacy, as he approached the age of 33 voluntary retirements, said he used to want to be remembered as The Notorious BIG, Tupac Shakur and Jay Z are intended. Now he prefers people to think of him as a beloved character.

"I just want to say I like to be remembered as a good spirit, a good soul, like a ... like a Willie Nelson Snoop Dogg," said Wayne.